Steph Davis: This Is How I CW

Steph Davis: This is how I CW

Steph Davis—professional rock climber, BASE jumper and wingsuit flyer— is a fan of CW. (And we’re a fan of Steph!)

Beyond being beyond impressed with everything she’s accomplished, we wanted to know the straight skinny on how and why Steph takes CW. What we learned is that it’s not just about those epic jumping-off-cliffs moments, but all the nanoseconds in between big projects when everyday stress and mild anxiety creeps up.


CW: How did you learn about Charlotte’s Web?

Steph: From a friend of mine in Boulder. I was really intrigued because I didn’t know anything about cannabinoids, CDB, or whole plant hemp extracts at the time.


How long have you taken CW products?

Over a year and a half.


When and how do you take it?

I take Hemp Extract Oil Extra Strength or sometimes Hemp Extract Oil Full Strength right before bed every night, because it helps me find a sense of calm. During times when I have a lot on my plate with business and travel, I take Hemp Capsules Full Strength in the morning to help me keep  everyday stresses at bay.


Do you seriously take it before jumping off a cliff?

Well, that was a little bit of artistic license, but I did have a really great flight that day… maybe I should be taking it with me for jumps!


You mention focus in the video, what does CW do for you?

I think focus is one of my greatest strengths, but my lifestyle is incredibly busy and often forces me into multi-tasking. I do 3 sports at a high level (climbing, BASE jumping and wingsuiting); I train for all of those sports; I run several related, yet different, businesses based on my sports; and I also have animals, a boyfriend and a house. Keeping all of these balls in the air can tear away at my focus. Just knowing that’s happening can make me start worrying over how I’m going to get everything done.

When I first started using CW, I noticed that it was easier for me to turn my attention to one thing at a time and stay focused enough to complete all my tasks. That was my primary experience taking CW [during the day]. After about a year I decided to try taking it before bed and was amazed by the sense of calm that I experienced.

Currently I take a half dropper of Hemp Extract Oil Extra Strength right before bed. During times when I have a lot of travel and multi-tasking going on, I add a Hemp Capsules Extra Strength; I take one in the morning along with the rest of my supplements.


What’s is your favorite?!

Hemp Extract Oil Extra Strength in mint chocolate is my mainstay, but I also like the Hemp Capsules Extra Strength.