Steepfuze CBD Coffee Beans (Decaffeinated)


12 oz – 120 mg


We firmly believe that the heart desires coffee with dessert, but that indulgence shouldn’t have to keep you awake all night. Not everyone likes an energy boost late in the evening, and some people’s bodies just don’t appreciate caffeine. Luckily, we have the Organic Peruvian Decaf.


Beginning with Certified Organic beans from high in the mountains of Peru, the beans are then decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method – the only method of decaffeinating coffee that is 100% solvent free. Next, the beans are blind-roasted to a Full City roast before being infused with a solvent-free, full-spectrum hemp extract. You can expect slightly sweeter undertones and a chocolatey body with a thick, nutty finish from this full-bodied and robust coffee.


We’ve introduced our lower CBD infusion for people that still would like the benefits of Cannabidiol, just at smaller doses. Or those we can relate especially well to, the perpetual coffee drinker…

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