Bath Bombs


Our wide range of Bath Bombs contain a variety of different fragrances from Lavender to ‘Calm’ to Lemon and Lime to ‘Awaken’. The Boffin’s Bath Bomb range has been created to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and revitalised.


All of our Bath Bombs contain Epson Salts, which have been used for home treatments for a variety of conditions for years, although their benefits have not being studied or reported. If you have any health concerns please consult your doctor first.


These conditions include:

• Arthritis pain and swelling

• Bruises and Sprains

• Fibromyalgia. Which is a condition that makes your muscles, ligaments and tendons hurt and causes tender points throughout your while body

• Ingrown Toenails

• Insomnia

• Psoriasis. This is a condition which cause red, itchy and scaly skin.

• Sore muscles after a workout.

• Soothing of sore skin caused by external irritations.

• Sunburn, pain and redness

• Tired and Swollen feet


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