Guest Blog By Heather Jackson

When I read, the owner of Savage Cabbage, Jade’s history she became my soul sister. Not because I have personally experienced the suffering that she did, but because I have witnessed the suffering in my own son; which is as close to personally experiencing it as you can get. He has a catastrophic epilepsy diagnosis. By the time he was 5, he had experienced over 500,000 seizures, by the time he was 9 he was receiving hospice palliative services. This was in 2012 prior to us using Charlotte’s Web. His seizures remitted within 3 months of starting CW and I knew the world needed to know about this therapy option. This was also the genesis of the Realm of Caring Foundation, my nonprofit organization that now serves over 28,000 families. The organization was co-founded by Paige Charlotte’s mom (the namesake of Charlotte’s Web), The Stanley brothers (the makers of CW) and myself. We had one mission and continue with that mission today. Improving quality of life. The Realm of Caring now provides support services to families all over the world. We take about 8500 inquiries every month. We are connected to over 300 doctors. We are conducting research with Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania and other prominent institutions. We provide financial assistance grants to families every month to offset the cost of a therapy their insurance doesn’t cover. In fact, we have given over $100,000 to families since 2015. We also help with legislative change to increase access to families as well. You can learn more about some of the great things we are doing here: and if you ever need any help with your product, reach out, that is what we are here for.