Hemp or Marijuana – Is there a difference?

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In this Article we are going to be talking about if hemp extract from marijuana plants is more potent than extract from hemp plants. And it’s actually a question that we get asked very often. So let’s review quickly before we get into the question and the answer.

CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is typically found in hemp varieties of cannabis, which are naturally low in THC. THC is the most well-known cannabinoid because of its effects on people’s mind and it is what causes the psychoactive high that marijuana is known for. THC is found in its greatest abundance in marijuana plants.

These marjiuana plants are grown for the purpose of producing THC whereas CBD has always been far more associated with hemp plants. Hemp varieties of cannabis naturally produce more CBD than THC.

CBD and THC are kind of like cousins and they are the two most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Some plants have equal, or more or less equal, parts CBD to THC. Other plants are very unequal in their contents of THC and CBD, depending on which plant and variety it is.

Is CBD from marijuana stronger, more potent than from hemp?

, Hemp or Marijuana – Is there a difference?

A lot of people may wonder what the main difference between CBD from marijuana and CBD from hemp is. And there is really just one main difference – CBD oil and CBD products made from marijuana plants tend to be higher in THC than CBD products made from hemp which either have no THC or very little.

THC content in CBD products is usually no more than 0.1% in Europe or 0.3% in the US, so less than 1% of THC. Remember, hemp plants are those cannabis plants that by nature do not produce a lot of THC but rather produce higher contents of CBD (between 1-5% depending on the hemp strain).

Is the CBD oil made from Marijuana Plants stronger?

No, however CBD oil from marijuana plants may contain higher percentages of THC and/or other cannabinoids.

Is CBD in marijuana any different from CBD in hemp?

No, because CBD is CBD! It doesn’t really matter if it comes from hemp or marijuana or which strain of hemp or marijuana. The compound itself is consistent throughout all those plants. Whether there’s some CBD, whether it’s only a little, or whether it’s a lot, it’s still the same CBD.

More THC but same CBD

CBD oils that are made from marijuana usually have a higher ratio of THC and other plant compounds to CBD. These naturally occurring combinations of phytocannabinoids and plant compounds may lead to a more noticeable beneficial effect when compared to CBD made from hemp plants. This synergistic effect can help improve your experience but will not give you the type of psychoactive effect you would experience from a higher concentration of THC typically found in prescription products only.


, Hemp or Marijuana – Is there a difference?

CBD is CBD whether from hemp or marijuana

Some people compare CBD oil from hemp to CBD oil from marijuana and claim one is better than the other. That’s not really the case. CBD products from marijuana just tend to produce certain synergistic effects because of the other plant compounds in the products.

CBD oils without THC

Furthermore, some people don’t really want any THC in their system, for different reasons – e.g. because of the possibility of being tested for illicit drugs or because they simply do not like the effects of THC.

CBD Oils with THC

On the other hand, some people do want the effects of THC and some medical cannabis advocates also claim that the optimal effect is only achieved by mixing THC and CBD. There are some studies that show the superiority of whole plant extracts over isolates or synthetic products containing just one cannabinoid and e.g. Sativex®, manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals is a fully registered and approved medicine based on a whole plant cannabis extract.

Final summary

When it comes to CBD and comparing CBD hemp oil to CBD marijuana oil the main difference is the content of THC, other phytocannabinoids and plant compounds.

Products that come from the marijuana plant are often higher in these other molecules which, for some consumers, can be more beneficial. But in terms of the CBD molecule in there – it’s no different and effects come down to dosing. Again – CBD is CBD.

It is found in cannabis plants of all kinds and the compound itself is consistent, so there’s no different form of CBD in each of these different kinds of cannabis plants. It’s all the same CBD. Choosing one product over the other comes down to personal preference.