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What you need to know

Hemp extracts and CBD oils are arguably the most popular food supplements in the UK at the moment. With so many people seeing the positive effects of these products in supporting their lifestyles, it’s no wonder that more and more adults are taking self-care into their own hands through botanicals like hemp. However, despite the number of companies selling hemp products in the UK and Europe, there are significant differences in the quality (full spectrum, isolate) and purity of the products available. Continue reading to understand how to shop for CBD oils in the UK, and what you need to look out for to ensure you buy the best CBD products.

Where can you buy CBD?

Dependent on where you live, you can now buy CBD from both traditional retail shops on the high street or online. Established retailers like Holland & Barrett and Boots offer a limited range of CBD products, however, the majority of consumers prefer to purchase their products online and through more specialist CBD retailers.

Specialised online retailers like Savage Cabbage are popular amongst CBD users as we offer a dedicated customer care service with extensive knowledge on CBD and its wellness benefits. This way, it’s easier for you to find the right products that match your unique lifestyle needs. And you can continue to receive ongoing support as you start your CBD routine.

CBD is not a one size fits all approach. Many people prefer this approach compared to picking off Amazon CBD oil off the shelf in a pharmacy or superstore. The quality and integrity of the products are critical to the support CBD can provide to your overall wellness.

Buying CBD: What you need to know?

Be prepared when buying your CBD products. Understanding what you are consuming is critical whether the product is food, medicine or CBD! There are a lot of products out there and the quality of these products varies significantly.

  1. What type of CBD product is it?

Not all CBD is made equal. Full spectrum hemp products that contain more than just CBD are said to be the most effective supporting a balanced lifestyle and feature the synergistic effects between hemp compounds. This is called the Entourage Effect.

Many CBD isolate products have entered the market in more recent times due to their lower cost and abundant availability. These products contain CBD alone and no other hemp compounds. These products are useful for people who get drug tested regularly. A CBD isolate product would be useful for a professional athlete who isn’t allowed to consume any THC or other cannabinoids.

The in-between product between full spectrum and isolate is called broad spectrum. These products typically have a narrower spectrum of plant compounds than a full spectrum product and have no THC in the products. There remains no clear definition of broad spectrum products across the market. At Savage Cabbage, our broad spectrum CBD oils contain the full array of full spectrum compounds, except for THC.

  1. Where was the hemp produced?

The hemp plant is a unique and powerful crop, with the ability to clean and maintain soil health. Its properties allow it to absorb toxins and contaminants from the soil. Why is this important? The fact that hemp has strong absorption properties means that it is critical to know where and how hemp is being grown. A high percentage of products on the market source hemp from third party growers, meaning they do not have full control over their production process. A lot of low quality industrial hemp is available from China with low to no quality standards.

At Savage Cabbage, we maintain a small range of products so that we can assure confidence in understanding the full production process from growing through to extraction and formulation. Charlotte’s Web maintains full control of the entire production process of their products in-house, while Savage Cabbage has all of its hemp organically grown on a family farm in the US. Our Savage Cabbage products are extracted using ethanol with the same manufacturers every time.

If in doubt, see if you can answer the following questions:

  • Does the CBD brand grow its hemp in-house, and is it grown organically?
  • What extraction process are they using?
  • Is there a third party Certificate of Analysis for the product available that covers all key contaminants?
  1. Does the CBD product come with a third party Certificate of Analysis?

Reputable CBD products are always accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis. This document contains important information about the testing undertaken on the product to ensure that is safe and contaminant free. Numerous tests are included to test the levels of cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides and microbials. Providing these on a batch basis is common practice for many of the most trusted companies like Savage Cabbage.

  1. Hemp Seed Oil vs Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Be wary of a subtle marketing trick by various products on the market. Hemp extract refers to the aerial parts of the hemp plant that contain numerous beneficial compounds for supporting wellness. In contrast, hemp seed extract refers to a small part of the plant that has very different properties. While hemp seed oil has its different beneficial properties, these products are usually very cheap and do not offer the same as a full spectrum hemp extract.

Hemp seed oil is used as a carrier oil in many CBD oils and comes with quite a sharp, bitter taste.


The Charlotte’s Web Difference

Charlotte’s Web oversees the entire production to ensure every single product made is the best possible version of Mother Nature. Organically grown hemp is tested at every stage to guarantee the quality, purity and cleanliness of their products. Widely regarded as the pioneers of the global CBD industry, they have been the torchbearers of quality since inception. The company are widely regarded as the World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract.

In summary, it pays to know the basics when it comes to buying CBD. Each person’s reasons for choosing CBD will be different to the next. We recommend sticking to the most reputable brands in the space that offer transparency in their processes and products. We are strong supporters of full spectrum hemp products that offer more than just CBD.

Got another question? Book a complimentary consultation with our CBD experts to get more information.