4 Things You Should Know About Hemp

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If you’re on this page, you might already know a thing or two about hemp. Buzzwords like hemp extract oil, CBD, and phytocannabinoids are being talked about a lot. Charlotte’s Web hemp extract — containing cannabidiol and other beneficial phytocompounds which is made into hemp oil and hemp oil capsules — is all about hemp, literally. But today we’re getting to the root (pun!) of the topic, sharing some facts about hemp are just truly astounding.

Here are five cool things you might-not-but-definitely-should know about our favorite green thing, hemp.

1. Hemp cleans soil and air

, 4 Things You Should Know About HempLike a superhero fit for its own mega movie franchise, the Mighty Hemp comes to the rescue for soil which has been exposed to toxins. Through phytoremediation, the powerful plant pulls toxins up through its roots and stores or transforms the pollutants.

Most famously known for cleaning radioactive materials from the soil around the infamous nuclear reactor, Chernobyl, clearly the Mighty Hemp can clean up even the hottest (radioactive) mess.

This is a key reason that hemp is awe-inspiring, but it’s an even bigger reason that anyone consuming hemp products should ask: Where does my hemp come from? You need to know that Charlotte’s Web hemp is grown in clean, tested and cared-for soil.

2. Hemp can build buildings

, 4 Things You Should Know About Hemp


Back to the superhero analogy. Hemp is a building material used widely in Europe – once again proving the sheer strength of this plant. Hemp is low density and resistant to cracks- ideal for earthquake-prone areas.

3. Nearly no limit to the uses for hemp

, 4 Things You Should Know About HempSoil cleaning – check. Structural support – check. Fabric, plastics, ropes, paper – check, check, check, and check. The quality of any hemp product produced is high — in the example of hemp fabric, it’s comparable to cotton and linen — but less expensive because hemp crops use less water and fewer land resources than cotton, trees or other raw materials that we’ve come to depend on.

4. People have used hemp for a lot of things for a long, long time

, 4 Things You Should Know About HempHemp was the OG material throughout human history. In fact, the word canvas (most of which were made from hemp) originates from a certain familiar Latin word, cannabis.

Because CW hemp extract is pretty amazing, just as it is.